The Tiger's Eye: February 2009

26 February 2009

This is for those of you “center/Right” voters who crossed the line and voted for our president (those of you on the left can sit it out because we all knew you would vote for O no matter what. The temptation to join in on the chance “to make history” was too great a temptation).

Are you happy now? I mean come on, how can anyone say they are surprised? I’ve been saying for a year now that an Obama presidency would be like Jimmy Carter in black-face.

3 Trillion dollars?!? We are in a recession, people are being laid off, houses foreclosed on and the answer from the left is BORROW MORE MONEY and TAX THE RICH?!? ( BTW- Since when is making $250,000 "rich")

I thought that the mantra was “Hope and Change”? What were we hoping for; that Obama was a closet Austrian School Economist? That he was a Hawk on defense measures?

With the Pelosi/Reid cabal running congress can we hope for any restraint on a pork-barrel oops, I mean DOMESTIC SPENDING project? Will there be any left-handed, paraplegic, overweight, lesbian, womyn’s studies majors out there who cannot find a government grant to study the effect of the patriarchy’s oppression of the universal female psyche?

This is gonna be a painful 4 years.

21 February 2009

further words are not necessary

Mr. Beck says plenty.

I don't always agree with him, much of his radio ranting is a bit too populist for my taste but he voices my concerns EXACTLY.

19 February 2009

shovel ready?

In my industry, the "Shovel ready" projects are the ones to avoid. They usually stink and often attract unwanted bugs.

17 February 2009

A prediction...

Alexander the Great was supposed to have said, " I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion."

With the changes to our leadership I predict that by the end of this year; no matter how many troopers we "surge" there, the war in Afghanistan will be declared by our press as "Hopeless, a quagmire, a defeat" and other such terms. They will couch their words in flowery phrases as how "they support the troops but its not OUR war to fight" and will renew the call to "bring our boys and girls home". There will be a renewed painting of our military as evil or as victims, certainly not as heroes and brave men and women.
This will embolden our enemies around the world and by this time next year we will see a resurgence of militant Islam in Iraq, Pakistan will be ready to topple and Israel will be ready to attack Iran if not having done so already.

I hope I am wrong.

16 February 2009

The Peter Principle...

has reached its pinnacle in President Barack Obama

NEVER has someone with so little on his resume risen so far and so fast without anyone asking


15 February 2009

Someone please tell me why

This poster we have all seen plastered all over the place:

Reminds me of this poster:

(yes, that is Living Color)

Change is Good

Hop-en-change 101

How long you been ridin that thang?

...'bout two weeks...

09 February 2009

Too good not to share!

There is not a better metaphor for our current political mess than THIS!

(Hat tip to Michelle Malkin)

I think my favorite is the Tombstone Deep Dish Pizza vending machine!

I could not say it any better

(Blatantly Stolen from Cold Fury - guys don't hate me too much, I AM giving you full credit)

Only Liberals would try to fix a contraction caused by the shortage of young people by expanding abortions.
Only Liberals would try to fix a dire deficit by quadrupling it.
Only Liberals would try to fix a sub-prime problem by megafunding the sub-prime advocates and election pirates at ACORN.
Only Liberals would try to fix a housing crisis by putting Chris “Countrywide” Dodd and Barney “Fannie Might” Frank in charge.
Only Liberals would try to fix a mortgage meltdown by mortgaging our children’s futures.

The fix is in. And it’s all about fixing Big Government in place forever and ever.

(I did add the last link from another location.)

05 February 2009

Stimulis: Because all economies have performance issues

I was going to post about the "porkulus maximus" bill that our Senate is "debating" but this video says it all in a much funnier manner.

03 February 2009

Echoes... Hello out there! Can anyone hear me?

Does ANYONE in this administration's appointments know how to pay taxes?

Hello? (Thump, Thump) Is this thing on?

(cue music)