The Tiger's Eye: January 2006

21 January 2006


Bumped across this group while surfing the web and I fear I may get kicked from the house.

20 January 2006

Current Events

With all the news coming from Iran these past few weeks, I feel as if we are repeating November 1941. The storm clouds are gathered and the drops are beginning to fall with winds blowing all around us. I hope and pray that we find a way through this trouble without horrible tragedy but with each passing day I find it harder and harder to believe we will not resolve this issue without bloodshed.
OBL coming up like an insane whack-a-mole and issuing his missive sounded so much like a modern towel headed version of Hitler issuing orders to long gone divisions from his surrounded bunker shortly before he ended his version of hell-on-earth. Now this fool in Tehran is sounding even more evil and determined to pull the rest of the world into HIS version of hell with his soundings towards Isreal and the West. Ironically France was the first to say what we are all thinking, "If you threaten us, you run the risk of ruin." Sadly I don't believe the French would really pull the trigger if a shooting war really came to pass. That means that it is likely that any dirty work will fall upon the shoulders of our armed forces.

I will go to sleep tonight praying for our Lord's protection over our country and our soldiers.

15 January 2006

Sickening, just sickening

At least it wasn't New England.

14 January 2006

Thought for the day

Late did I love you, o ancient and new Beauty; late did I love you. You were within me, while I was outside of myself. I sought you outside; I flung myself disgracefully onto the beautiful things of creation. You were with me, and I was not with you. Those things that would not exist if they were not in you, held me back, far away from you. You called, and your cry forced itself upon my deafness. You shone, and your brilliance chased away my blindness. You gave forth your perfume, I breathed it, and behold; now I long for you. I tasted you, and I am hungry for you, I thirst for you. You touched me, and I have burned with desire for the peace that you give. When I am united with you with my whole being, I shall no longer feel pain or fatigue. My life, utterly filled with you, will then be true life. You make lighter the person whom you fill. Now, since I am not yet filled with you, I weigh upon myself… Lord, have mercy on me! My bad sorrows fight with my good joys. Will I come out of this battle victorious? Have mercy on me, Lord! Poor being that I am! Here are my wounds. I do not hide them from you. You are the doctor, I am ill. You are merciful, and I am wretched.

Saint Augustine (354-430), Bishop of Hippo (North Africa) and Doctor of the ChurchConfessions X, 27

Often it is tempting to add to a truth in order to make it "more true". Someone once reminded me that "adding to the truth does not make it more true, it makes it false."
This was the commentary from the daily readings of the Church. Often I find myself feeling this way only to realize I have fallen in love with the creation and not the creator.

10 January 2006

Remember this?

Down in Cajun country
there is a reminder of how bad things were in areas AWAY from New Orleans.
He also reminds us of how some folks don't need Uncle Sam to come "fix" everything for them.

07 January 2006

A nod to the right

By the way, over at Michelle Malkin's blog there are links to a few videos that the left certainly does not want being spread around. We should let everybody know what is really going on.

06 January 2006

The Book Of Daniel

(No not this Book of Daniel)

Ok, it's Friday night and like many I watched primarily because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
NBC could have prevented much of the Sturm und Drang if they had just told us that they had ripped off Desperate Housewives with Aiden Quinn playing the Terri Hatcher part.
One word can sum up the last two hours of TV:
SILLY - Monumentally Silly.
This wasn't a show about theology (of course we might want to be thankful for that one as any theology lesson emanating from Pasadena would most likely border on heresy). It could have been subtitled, "Let's see how many subplots we can cram into one family in a 2 hour premiere." There were so many Hollywood stereotypes in the show that I began to wonder if maybe it was some kind of an inside joke the writers were playing on us, the viewers.
Not only was the pastor constantly speaking to Jesus the surfer dude, but his wife is a chronic self-medicating alcoholic, his daughter was selling drugs to pay for a chronic Manga habit, his gay (but not in the closet mind you) son was having the stereotypical gay-guy crisis where EVERYBODY tries to set him up with a "nice" girl, the sister-in-law is not only married to an embezzling sex addict but is also having a lesbian affair with her now deceased husband's secretary, his other son is also a sex addict having a hot and heavy time with the cute 15 year old daughter of the bigots in the congregation (when found out the mother casually sneers she "doesn't want to be raising and little asian grandbabies"), the living-in-sin couple he is counseling is having sexual "issues", his superior the lady bishop is having an affair with his father the archbishop who is married to an Alzheimer's stricken wife and just in case we have left out any stereotypes lets not forget the Catholic priest friend who just "happens" to have a Mob connection. Have I left anything out?
It kinda makes me want to watch next week only to see how they can figure out a way to add even more sex into the story line.
Seriously, the entire show was laden with sex like gravy over roast pork. It dripped sex like an 8th grader's wet dreams.
Man, if I knew being an Episcopal meant this much sex, I would have left Rome years ago.

Oh and one other thing, it wasn't all that good. About the only high point was Aiden Quinn who is a much better actor than this show lets on. If this show is to survive the writers need to leave the cute typecasting and really attempt to understand what real families look like and how they interact.