The Tiger's Eye: July 2009

21 July 2009


Is the REASON that President Obama wants to close Gitmo because he wants to "return" the Guantanamo Naval Base to Cuba as part of "normalizing" relations?

16 July 2009

Can someone please explain to me why...

If I have a job and you do not, I am not required to nor can the government coerce me to pay for your gasoline or buy you food equal to the amount I purchase or to give you a job equal to mine, yet it seems to think it a good thing that it can force me to pay for your health care?

12 July 2009



Taken from National Review's "the Corner" - Andy McCarthy

Binyam Mohammed: jihadist plotting mass-murders against American cities — released outright.

Laith Qazali: abduction/murder of 5 U.S. soldiers in Karbala — released outright.

Irbil 5: Iranian IRGC operatives (i.e., the same guys who murdered 19 of our air force at Khobar Towers in '96) coordinating Iraqi terrorist operations that have killed HUNDREDS of U.S. forces in Iraq since 2003 — released outright.

New Black Panther Party operatives on videotape intimidating anti-Obama voters — charges dropped after DOJ had already won the case.
CIA Interrogators who obtained information that saved countless American lives — under investigation.

Bush officials who deliberated over national-security policies that prevented another 9/11 (many of which the Holder/Obama DOJ have defended in court and, however inadvertently, in Congress) — under investigation.

Well, I guess it counts as "Change" when you go from agressively PROTECTING American interests to aiding and abetting those who would kill us and our soldiers...

02 July 2009

There WILL be a backlash...


Nobody says it better than Dr. Hanson