The Tiger's Eye

26 February 2009

This is for those of you “center/Right” voters who crossed the line and voted for our president (those of you on the left can sit it out because we all knew you would vote for O no matter what. The temptation to join in on the chance “to make history” was too great a temptation).

Are you happy now? I mean come on, how can anyone say they are surprised? I’ve been saying for a year now that an Obama presidency would be like Jimmy Carter in black-face.

3 Trillion dollars?!? We are in a recession, people are being laid off, houses foreclosed on and the answer from the left is BORROW MORE MONEY and TAX THE RICH?!? ( BTW- Since when is making $250,000 "rich")

I thought that the mantra was “Hope and Change”? What were we hoping for; that Obama was a closet Austrian School Economist? That he was a Hawk on defense measures?

With the Pelosi/Reid cabal running congress can we hope for any restraint on a pork-barrel oops, I mean DOMESTIC SPENDING project? Will there be any left-handed, paraplegic, overweight, lesbian, womyn’s studies majors out there who cannot find a government grant to study the effect of the patriarchy’s oppression of the universal female psyche?

This is gonna be a painful 4 years.