The Tiger's Eye: AT LAST a new post

25 July 2010

AT LAST a new post

I think I figured out how to make sense of the last 19 months of our national cultural nightmare.

I decided that from now on; whenever I read about anything this administration does, I will preface it by imagining the administration official saying (in a dreamy 8th gradey voice)
"Hey, Wouldn't it be KOOL if we... (add the proposal here)?"

Then follow it with the sound of a bong bubbling in the background and voices agreeing, "Oh wow!, THAT is sooooo Cool man!!!"

Try it.

Imagine President Obama in a smoky meeting room in the White House. The Black Eyed Peas are playing in the background, a few Hollywood celebs are hanging around doing whatever they do when they aren't on camera, a few cabinet members are slouching in the conference room chairs, Joe Biden is playing with his "Playmobil White House" play set in the corner.

Then; from beneath a cloud of Government grown hash, Our8thgradeclasspresident proposes his Health Care initiative, "Hey; Wouldn't it be Cool if we just make all those people who HAVE already, pay for all those poor people who don't have jobs to have the same insurance plans that they get? I mean it’s not fair for those poor people to not be able to see the same doctor as those bad ole rich folks!"

Imagine Robert Gibbs at a press conference saying anything he has said in the last year and a half.

Come on, it sorta makes it all make sense doesn’t it?

Doesn’t it?