The Tiger's Eye: March 2007

28 March 2007

More on predictions

Back in December when I "predicted" a number of silly things I purposely left out a prognostication about a tax increase. I mean come on, its the Democrats. It should go unsaid that they will increase taxes.
Well, apparently they are true to form.
Congressman John Campbell's web blog spells it out.
From the comments, it would appear that no one expects the Republicans to do much about it because after all, when they were in power they did the same thing.

We will see...

15 March 2007

Senator is this how you "support the troops"?

This post is aimed at our junior Senator from Indiana.
Senator Bayh, from the roll call today I see that you voted along your party lines
If I remember correctly you also voted for the use of force when we went into Iraq in the first place.
Lets see, if we turn the "way back machine" to October 2002 we find that, yes you voted "YES" to "A joint resolution to authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against Iraq."

Senator Bayh; how can you support them if you really don't support their mission. Our forces are in harm's way, they are winning on the ground and if we truly support them, they will prevail long enough for the Iraqi's to take over.

Can we afford not to?

OK Senator Porkbait, what did YOU bring us Hoosiers in exchange for your soul?

13 March 2007

OK, Its March 15 so How am I doin?

Back In December I rashly made some predictions. Lets see how I am doing:
1. Defunding the war - Hmmmmm....haven't we been hearing how this is how the Democrats are going to get around the President's power's as Commander in Chief? The saving grace is that the so-called "Blue Dogs" appear to have a bit more clout, or something between their legs as they have convinced the "moderates" not to go along with the nutball lefty's who actually want to cut an run.
Verdict: Hasn't happened yet but then again they really haven't voted yet either.

2. The Soldiers as "Victims" - Thomas Sowell has a fine piece about this very thing at today's National Review Online -
Verdict: SCORE!

3. Fighting in Afghanistan - Well the fighting there has ramped up and we have recently been hearing about how the Taliban is "resurgent" and that the locals are "corrupt".
Verdict: 50/50 on this one. We haven't pulled out of Iraq YET.

4."The war is lost" - While my circumstances haven't happened as predicted, how many times have we heard this phrase from seemingly everyone? Man do I hope the "Surge" works just to hear those who are crying how we cannot win this war have to turn around yet again to retract their steps.
Verdict: 50/50 on this one but I am hoping that General Petraeus pulls it out.

5. This one was less of a prediction than a chance to take a shot at Charlie Rangel. The draft is dead unless something awful happens.
Verdict: If this was a prediction I lost on it.

6. Impeachment - the calls have been happening but mostly from the far left. It would appear that sanity took a temporary hold on the party with this one.
Verdict: the jury is out and maybe hung.

7. Gitmo prisoners - I heard recently something on this one but I seem to recall that the prisoners are still being legally held as POW's.
Verdict: Wrong so far.

8. Green Laws - Nothing I can think of yet but with AlGore Vs. IIIb having won the Oscar, I'm guessing that its only a matter of time. If you read my last post or if you have spoken with me you can guess how I lean towards being Green. With the way the president has been acting it seems that its only a matter of time till we are all wasting more and more paper filing our Carbon Credits on our Tax forms.
Verdict: Still out but I am leaning towards something.

9. Gas at $3.00 - Boy, after I guessed on this one the bottom fell out of gas prices here in Indy. At one point in January it was below $1.80 for few days at selected locations. Ironically I never bought gas below $1.90 for the entire month. It was always on the other side of town. Gas is now at about $2.40 here in Indy according to
We will check back on this one as it develops. We will be driving to South Carolina in June so hopefully it will drop again soon.
Verdict: Still out but November is 8 months away.

10. Recession - Well where do we start on this one? First off the market boomed thru January and February then fell something like 400 points in 4 days. Who the heck knows where it is going this year. I'm fully vested at work so I guess I will talk to our advisor and ride it out with my 401K.
Verdict: Its not the end of the year yet.

11. Mortgage rates heading up to 10??? - What WAS I SMOKING???
Verdict: To quote Jeff Tweedy "I must have been high".

12. Immigration amnesty - Two words need apply: Kennedy/McClain. If for no other reason this is why I will NEVER vote for the RINO from Arizona.
Verdict: nothing official but its coming. Both parties are too scared of the "Hispanic vote" (as if all voters of Hispanic decent vote in a block).

13. Conservative Republicans - Fred Thompson
Verdict: Still out.

14. The election - Already its fun to see the lefty's running all around trying to see who will pander to them
Verdict: pull up a chair and pop some pop corn, its going to lots of fun.

The fun ones

1. MAN WAS I WRONG ON THIS ONE!!! Its still fun to say it!!!
Bears 17

2. The Pacers haven't managed to eliminate themselves - YET!!!

3 &4. IU/Purdue split and actually was fun to watch. Both are in the dance along with Butler and Notre Dame. UPDATE:
Butler has a Sweet 16 berth against Florida whereas both Purdue and IU are OUT.
Verdict: SCORE !!!

5. The Indians opening day is in a month and we will be going a few times. Haven't bought tickets yet but we may get a season pass.

6. I'm working on that 20 pounds.

7. About the same. I've been really busy at work these last few weeks and its only going to get worse this year.

8. 50th wedding anniversary party is on for June. I'd invite you, but its family only.

9. Done deal. She is the light of my eye.

10. OK, perhaps I misspoke, the woman I share my home with is the love of my life and the delight of mine eyes.

PS. I heard that the Iranians are pissed off about the movie "300" portraying them in "a bad light" as crazy, bent-on-world-domination, whack job, nutballs.
Well I say that if the sandal fits; Mahmood...

11 March 2007

Ok, So if I understand what they are saying, Maggie Thatcher is the cause of the Global Warming Debate...

"With billions of dollars invested in Climate Science, it means there is a huge constituency of people dependent on those dollars and they will want to see it carried forward. It happens in any bureaucracy.
Professor John Christy
Department of Atmospheric Science
University of Alabama-Huntsville

Go here and invest about 1 hour of your time:

Hmmmmm.... The earth changes, it gets warmer, it gets colder and it isn't the fault of mankind in any way shape or form.

Back in December I predicted that the Ice Caps would not melt.
I stand by my prediction.