The Tiger's Eye: July 2006

30 July 2006


27 July 2006

The feeble squawking of a carrion bird...

So it appears that Al Qaeda’s No. 2 fellow; Ayman al-Zawahiri, has appeared on video threatening to expand the war.

I seem to recall that in April 1945 when their world was coming down around their shoulders the Nazi’s continued to broadcast that new miracle weapons would soon rain down destruction on the Allies. Nobody paid much attention then, perhaps we should do the same now.
Keep up the pressure and soon the Marines or the Army Special Forces will be capturing another rat.

P.S. I forgot to add (it was late) this guy is a raving nutball loon.

16 July 2006

A not so gentle reminder.

I read a few commentaries this morning which help put into a clearer light the current situation in Israel.
The first helps explain the situation as it stands:
The second places a spotlight of truth on one particularly unpleasant character in this drama:

What is saddest is the fact that many will read(if they take the time) these but will still draw the wrong conclusion.

15 July 2006

Quote of the day...

"If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it's free. "
P.J. O'Rourke
"The Liberty Manifesto"
Cato Institute
May 6, 1993

13 July 2006

A long journey...

"The warm sun
beams through the clear air
Upon glistening leaves.
And the birds sweep
in long arcs
Over the green grass.
They seem to say,
"This might last forever!"
But it doesn't. "
-Fred Will
George Will has written many editorials over the years but few are as eloquent as the elegy to his mother found here:

Losing my mind is one of the few things that truly scare me.

02 July 2006


I read a really interesting article in Esquire this morning (available online here:
In it Mr. Chiarella discusses a problem that has been raised a few times recently (much too few if you ask me) about boys. It is a problem near and dear to my heart as I did not have a chance to raise my son and teach him to become a man. It would seem to me that as the author concludes the problem with boys is essentially that in our culture men have either forgotten how to be men or have forgotten how to raise them.
Personally, I have a few friends who appear to be raising young men (although at their ages it is too soon to guarantee if the boys will up to be strong men but it sure appears that they are on the right track. In all three cases the little guys are true “boys”. Their lives are full of scraped knees, knock down games and inquisitive yet sensitive attitudes. They are guys who idolize their dads and adore their moms.
To be honest I am envious of my friends in that they have something I don’t and cannot.
I recommend the article and would appreciate comments.