The Tiger's Eye: September 2008

30 September 2008

If this were a fairly run race...

I would only be extremely disappointed if Obama won.

However it would appear that the fix is IN.

28 September 2008

Remember, its supposed to be the "Fascists"

Who seek to limit Free Speech.

Gov. Blunt of Missouri doesn't seem to like this attempt to stifle dissent.

Tell me, what kind of "Change" are we supposed to hope for if the leader of this movement is not above utilizing such strong arm kinds of tactics. I'd say its reminiscent of Germany in the early 1930's .

Regarding my previous post...

you might want to turn down the volume, I found the music distracting. Also, use the "pause" on the player to freeze it when something pops up. It helps

Just what is he afraid of?

Banning signs at a rally?

I thought that the EvilBushRepubliThugCan's were the ones who were against civil liberties?

I dont need to add anything to this

20 September 2008


When Katrina hit New Orleans we had weeks of coverage about the devastation and destruction. We were told how it had to be global warming that caused the destruction and inferred was how ultimately it was President Bush's fault that the levees failed. We heard for weeks how the government HAD to rebuild the destroyed homes.

Now 2 years later, a similar fate falls over Galveston and the central Texas coast with millions out of power, the city of Houston is still pretty badly damaged, and devastation as bad as many of the lower wards in New Orleans but we aren't hearing anywhere near as much as we did then.


Joe Biden - open mouth and insert foot, with other foot and hand and ...

Introducing Joe Biden, the walking Gaff machine.

16 September 2008



I cannot add anything else.

14 September 2008

self-inflicted wounds

(yes, I know there isn't really a USS Obama, but if there were...)


With friends like THIS how can he lose?

This one is for Queen Tiger

I got roped into providing floor seats for the Poets-n-Pirates tour last night at Lucas Oil. 5 acts and 8 HOURS LATER! (including a nearly 3 hour set by Mr. Chesney) we were home.

BTW - Personally I am a Toro man myself...

12 September 2008

This is NOT a Monty Python skit...

The Front's not supposed to fall off for a start...

10 September 2008


News to the Obama camp.


That is all.

(Now go talk amongst yourselves.)

09 September 2008

John Prine and Iris DeMent - In Spite of Ourselves

This here is'n the kind of love song I truly can relate to...

06 September 2008

30 seconds over St. Paul

welcome to politics American style.
(ok, maybe more like 35 minutes)

04 September 2008

Obama's America: Win Or Lose

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