The Tiger's Eye: April 2008

30 April 2008

I'm just sayin...

27 April 2008

I think I am going to avoid the "Urinal Deodorizer" one

20 April 2008

A bit of Sunday night music.

Los Lobos - One Time, One Night

19 April 2008

Just because its...

A really cool picture.

Trinity United Methodist Church, Charleston, SC
273 Meeting St.

Charleston's oldest Methodist Church founded in 1791. It is the church of choice for "destination weddings" in Historic Charleston. Its worship service is traditional Anglican-Methodist.
Modeled after The Church of the Madeline in Paris; it is truly a masterpiece. It also has the largest Tiffany stained glass window south of New York City.

13 April 2008


Light to nonexistent Blogging this week.

Busy at work.

BIG project goes out the door this month.

This has what has been taking all of my waking (and much of my non-waking) time for the last 14 months.

(forgive the crappy image. Its what I could grab from home without my work machine. Once this monster goes out, I will post a bit more about it in detail.)

05 April 2008

Sometimes I gotta remind myself that...

I have a wonderful wife.

Her birthday present to me.

Thank you my love.

Post script:
It is 11:11 pm and I am just sitting down after finishing off 1/2 a bottle of Rowan's Creek Bourbon while sitting around our campfire with our neighbors. Thank God for good friends and family.

I am an extraordinarily lucky man.

03 April 2008

This one is for Rob

Here ya go buddy

01 April 2008


After much thoughtful consideration I have decided to throw my support for Obama. I think he is the only candidate with the necessary skills to lead our country into the next decade. I hereby add my name to the "converted".