The Tiger's Eye: Senator is this how you "support the troops"?

15 March 2007

Senator is this how you "support the troops"?

This post is aimed at our junior Senator from Indiana.
Senator Bayh, from the roll call today I see that you voted along your party lines
If I remember correctly you also voted for the use of force when we went into Iraq in the first place.
Lets see, if we turn the "way back machine" to October 2002 we find that, yes you voted "YES" to "A joint resolution to authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against Iraq."

Senator Bayh; how can you support them if you really don't support their mission. Our forces are in harm's way, they are winning on the ground and if we truly support them, they will prevail long enough for the Iraqi's to take over.

Can we afford not to?

OK Senator Porkbait, what did YOU bring us Hoosiers in exchange for your soul?