The Tiger's Eye: Current Events

20 January 2006

Current Events

With all the news coming from Iran these past few weeks, I feel as if we are repeating November 1941. The storm clouds are gathered and the drops are beginning to fall with winds blowing all around us. I hope and pray that we find a way through this trouble without horrible tragedy but with each passing day I find it harder and harder to believe we will not resolve this issue without bloodshed.
OBL coming up like an insane whack-a-mole and issuing his missive sounded so much like a modern towel headed version of Hitler issuing orders to long gone divisions from his surrounded bunker shortly before he ended his version of hell-on-earth. Now this fool in Tehran is sounding even more evil and determined to pull the rest of the world into HIS version of hell with his soundings towards Isreal and the West. Ironically France was the first to say what we are all thinking, "If you threaten us, you run the risk of ruin." Sadly I don't believe the French would really pull the trigger if a shooting war really came to pass. That means that it is likely that any dirty work will fall upon the shoulders of our armed forces.

I will go to sleep tonight praying for our Lord's protection over our country and our soldiers.