The Tiger's Eye: Snips-n-snails...

02 July 2006


I read a really interesting article in Esquire this morning (available online here:
In it Mr. Chiarella discusses a problem that has been raised a few times recently (much too few if you ask me) about boys. It is a problem near and dear to my heart as I did not have a chance to raise my son and teach him to become a man. It would seem to me that as the author concludes the problem with boys is essentially that in our culture men have either forgotten how to be men or have forgotten how to raise them.
Personally, I have a few friends who appear to be raising young men (although at their ages it is too soon to guarantee if the boys will up to be strong men but it sure appears that they are on the right track. In all three cases the little guys are true “boys”. Their lives are full of scraped knees, knock down games and inquisitive yet sensitive attitudes. They are guys who idolize their dads and adore their moms.
To be honest I am envious of my friends in that they have something I don’t and cannot.
I recommend the article and would appreciate comments.