The Tiger's Eye: A few thoughts over the last few days

28 August 2007

A few thoughts over the last few days

Not particularly profound but I recently read that Newsweek was trumpeting the fact that Mother Theresa had doubts in her faith-journey.

My first thought was, "Huh?"

My second was, "Of course she did, we all do."

I guess there are those who will immediately proclaim, "See if someone as saintly and good as her had doubts then there must be something to atheism or at least agnosticism. After all if Mother Theresa wasn't sure of her salvation then who am I to be?"

I was always led to believe that the closer to God's face one came the more likely doubts of one's salvation one might have due to the absolutely clear line of demarcation between our sinful natures and God's complete perfection.
I confess that I have not read either the piece in Newsweek nor the book it was taken from but I would wager that she wasn't doubting her salvation only rather she was not sensing the presence of God in her daily life.

Over at Dawn Eden's blog "The Dawn Patrol" - there is an interesting open discussion on this topic. In the comment stream, Dawn references the infamous Pascal's Wager - - which I have often thought of as a truly sublime bit of logic.
It is as close as I have ever come to seeing a "proof" of God's existence.