The Tiger's Eye: Steppin away for a few days...

02 August 2007

Steppin away for a few days...

Not that I believe many will be holding their breath, but the missus and I are going to mosey up to Chi-town for a few days.
We should be home by Sunday.

See you then.

P.S. That pesky tropical depression up New England way just sorta petered out.

The NOAA page once again proclaims for the "Atlantic - Caribbean Sea - Gulf of Mexico":

"There are no tropical cyclones at this time."

Just thought you would like to know.


Well, we're back. Like a couple of 21st century Okies, we hauled our stuff back from IKEA in the Sorento (Code named "Candy")
One "Gustav" desk in black -
One "Expedit" wall shelf -
plus all sorts of interesting gadgets, sundries and items only purchasable at IKEA.
Those ingenious Swedes! -

All in all it was a successful trip but we left as much there as we brought home. I'm guessing another trip is in the office come this fall.
Also supper Saturday night was at the Weber Grille restaurant -mmmmm... -