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10 August 2007

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This is getting pointless.

You make gratituous statements such as "...your contempt for science?" when if you had thought about it for even a few seconds you would realize that I have to have a very serious appreciation and understanding of hard science. As a practicing registered architect in this state, I use applied sciences on a daily basis. I have the utmost respect for proven science.

What I have a contempt for is the current FAD of Human Induced Global Warming.

I know you have made it abundantly clear that you have bought into our esteemed former Vice President's proclaimations that we are the cause of all the world's environmental problems. You and I have gone round and round both on this blog and on Rob's as well. You are not going to convince me and frankly I don't care what you believe.

On this latest line of argument, I propose a truce.
Lets wait till the end of the season and see who is proven correct. If the Hurricane season for 2007 is worse that average I will gladly admit it. I will even go so far as to make a dedicated post where I proclaim that I was wrong.
However if I am proven correct and this season is no worse or heaven forbid it is actually less severe than average, I get to bask in my own silly glory for about a day or two. Perhaps you will even admit that I guessed as accurately as the supposed "Experts" did?