The Tiger's Eye: a few more photos

26 August 2007

a few more photos

From yesterday's static displays That's Jim and Nate and Steve and Steve Jr. (Nate's the muscle-man). It was a testosterone laden day!

North American B-25J "Panchito"

OV-10A Mohawk observation plane from Vietnam

An extremely rare B-24 A - that's right an "A" model! Its like the 12th produced. If you go to the airshow web page it gives a really good bit of info about "Ole 927".
Very cool. Its hard to imagine strapping into one of these birds to fly 6-8 hours and then get shot at by the Germans.

That's"Fat Albert" - the Blue Angels support plane during their intro routine where he takes off with a bunch of JATO's strapped on. They climb out at about a 50 Degree angle then level off at about 1000 feet, cruise the perimeter of the airport then do a combat landing approach which looks like they are landing on a ski jump ramp! Very impressive for such a large bird.