The Tiger's Eye: "Its not just a bike, ITS AN OLD TREK*!"

19 August 2007

"Its not just a bike, ITS AN OLD TREK*!"

Well, I've been riding three to 4 days a week since I got my new bike.(
Mostly on roads because I don't have a rack to transport it to the dirt trail areas nearby. I'm feeling like I am shaping up and I do know that I have lost a few pounds so something must be going right.

I found the linked page while looking for info on my old road bike (A TREK 412 - original owner am I) hanging in the garage (I'm hoping on updating it a bit soon so I can ride it more comfortably on the roads).

One thought about the difference between riding in the early 1980's and riding now. Back then you had to look out for rednecks in old Jimmy pickups who would either run you off the road or toss beer bottles at your helmet while riding in the country. Now you don't find too many beer drinking rednecks driving around but the soccer-moms in their SUV's and mini-vans talking on cell phones are just as deadly and far more silent.

I just returned home from a Doctor's appointment and to my satisfaction this work is bearing fruit. My blood pressure is going down and more importantly SO IS MY WEIGHT!
10 lbs from last visit!
Next goal. 215 lbs by November 30 (Next visit)