The Tiger's Eye: Update Time

07 August 2007

Update Time

OK we are now almost 40% into the '07 hurricane season and as of this evening our favorite site still is saying:

"There are no tropical cyclones at this time"

Man, if I were Philip Klotzbach, I'd be getting worried about my credibility right about now. Approaching the 1/2 way mark and only 3 named systems, (the third was a short lived one named Chantal that stayed out to sea all of its short life) none of which were much more than a really good rainstorm. Why maybe I would even think I'd be revising my predictions.
Wait, what was that? What do I hear?

"On August 3, 2007, Klotzbach's team lowered their season estimate to 15 named storms, with 8 becoming hurricanes and 4 becoming major hurricanes. They noted that conditions had become slightly less favorable for storms than they were earlier in the year. Sea surface temperature anomalies were cooler, and there were several incidences of Saharan Air Layer outbreaks. ENSO conditions were also noted to have been slightly cooler."

Ok, I admit I am being a bit snarky but I'm begining to get tired of the constant fever pitch of doom that the environmental alarm lobby is always pitching.

I'm just sayin...