The Tiger's Eye: tis the season...

24 December 2005

tis the season...

Over the past few weeks many friends and family have sent cards, its easy to fall into the competitive spirit when the Season rolls around and we find ourselves attempting the balance between celebrating Advent (spiritual) and preparing for Christmas (secular). We start receiving cards and soon fall into that trap of either feeling guilty because (gasp) we DID NOT SEND ANY CARDS this year! Or we fall into paroxysms of guilty card scribbling one night in order to GETTHEMALLOUTSOTHEYWILLBEDELIVEREDBEFORE CHRISTMAS!
This year with my surgery and recovery, we became distracted and did not send anything out. Still the spirit and prayers are the same. I find myself both ready for the upcoming Holiday Season and yet still not quite prepared for receiving my Savior as I should be.
I must admit that each year I seem to find myself walking along the same path; one of knowing I could have done better but at the same time knowing I am steadily walking towards the goal.

Oh well, maybe it is as the Chosen Folk say, “Next year in Jerusalem…”

Merry Christmas 2005 from Kent and Linda