The Tiger's Eye: My kingdom for a sense of smell...

15 December 2005

My kingdom for a sense of smell...

Am I really this lacking in patience?
I am ready for my nose and throat to heal but they are taking their own sweet time. The doctor tells me that it may take a few weeks or so before I am able to breathe fully from the nostrils.
Last night the daughter and BF came over for supper. She made a fine Italian wedding soup all full of vegetables and meatballs that I could not taste. Cannot smell = cannot taste. Good food is wasted on me right now. I love good food; it is a wonder that God made our senses appreciate something tasting good in a way that we can enjoy them simply for the taste.
Attempting to communicate is hard with a marker and a white board but ironically sometimes more effective. It forces you to think about what you are going to say. Silly and inconsequential things aren’t written out because they are usually topical and by the time you have them written the moment has passed.

On a personal note, I absolutely abhor being sick because I get bored and I HATE being bored. I have books and movies and this page but all I really want to do is to go back to work.