The Tiger's Eye: Morons... all of em, MORONS

16 December 2005

Morons... all of em, MORONS

I was mulling over a “soft-at-the-edges” contemplation on my spiritual life this morning. It was going to cover my early adulthood and how I have changed as I have grown but all that got set aside when I read of our Senate’s latest romp of suicidal moronicity.

When I logged on this afternoon I read that the Senate Democrats had voted to filibuster the vote on the permanence of the Patriot Act. Included in the vote was one of my states two senators and as is usual for him, Senator Bayh ran back behind Sen. Reid’s skirts to vote with his party rather than represent his state.
Indiana is about as patriotic and “Red-State” as you can get. We didn’t vote for Clinton in either election and voted solidly for President Bush in both of his victories. Yes it can be a bit backward here, we aren’t always up on the latest trend or gay movie but that’s OK with us. We will continue to be part of the solid American heartland much to the left’s chagrin. We voted for Senator Bayh because we were fooled into believing he had a backbone and would stand as a man of his people and principal. (That’s how he ran).
You see what got my dander up was the fact that when the votes really count, when our country’s integrity or defense is on the line, it appears that Senator Bayh is usually to be found on the Capitol Steps with his finger in the wind looking senatorial but in fact just trying to ascertain which way the wind is blowing in order to know how to vote in order to protect his hide. If it appears that his constituency is looking then he will vote defense but if he needs the backing of the party then Hoosier roots be dammed he will join the lockstep. Somewhere in my archive I have a print of the photo of President Clinton shortly after the impeachment vote let him off the hook. There in the Rose Garden with “Al the Gorebot” and the Hildabeast was our favorite HINO (Hoosier in Name Only) Senator Bayh. We all know he wants to be president but we also know he is going to have to get a whole lot more aggressive and determined to take on Ms. Clinton in 08 or else he will get his clock cleaned.
As Lincoln supposedly said, fool me once, damn you, fool me twice, damn me; I’m not voting for him ever again. If he were running against Cruella Deville for dog catcher I would suck it up and start looking for Dalmatian puppies to hide.
What is it going to take to wake Washington up? Are we going to have to wake up to a mushroom cloud over Newark or a poison gas cloud drifting over Norfolk to wake us up to the reality that there are enemies out there who want to hurt us in ways we cannot begin to imagine? Is it so hard for our politicians to put politics aside and support our commander-in-chief? Why is partisan political gamesmanship so important to the left? Are they so terrified that if they are completely out of power they will wither away when Americans finally realize how little substance they have in their camp? The only thing keeping the Republicans from sweeping the Democrats from power is the fact that they keep edging to the left when in power themselves.