The Tiger's Eye: The land where up is down and inside is out.

20 December 2005

The land where up is down and inside is out.

This is a comment on a posting from Cold Fury's Blog.

The current issue of internal spying is as Mike so succinctly points out only another chapter in the ongoing saga of the left's immolation. One of the most telling things that I see in it is that it is becoming harder and harder for the left to continue the charade of claiming to be patriots while speaking words and committing actions that are not in any way remotely patriotic. One would almost be tempted to say that they protest too much when wailing about "Big Brother"and government intrusion in their precious personal liberties. In my youth I was taught that our liberty was paid for with a terrible price in blood and sacrifice by those who went before us. I was taught that liberty like freedom came with responsibility and if abused could be and probably should be lost. I was also taught that liberty and freedom were not simply licenseence to do and act as children let loose unsupervised in a candy store.
I for one would like to see how many actual citizens were investigated and for what actions but I am willing to wait until the end of these hostilities. Personally, I have nothing to hide. Moreover, most of us have little to hide; Hell nearly nothing worth hiding is illegal these days. I cannot imagine anything untoward that someone could find out that would be shameful or useful in blackmail unless it WERE illegal or treasonous.
It certainly appears that this is only one more grasp by the left in its effort to undue the past two elections. Elections they do not acknowledge as valid not do they appear to understand why they lost. When I hear of Sen. Kerry talking about possible impeachment proceedings if they manage to wrest the control of the House back from the Republicans this fall, what I perceive is the sound of a defeated loser who cannot bear the thought of losing and will stop at nothing to appear to win even if it means wandering into that cuckoo-land where President Clinton was a true leader and the country really does want to listen to Air America.