The Tiger's Eye: The sound of blowing wind...

15 December 2005

The sound of blowing wind...

Cue the sound of plains winds blowing.
Somewhere in the distance a screen door is banging against the side of a house. Picture tumbleweeds blowing along the highway. Hello, is there anyone on the left of the blog-o-sphere who is happy with the fact that Iraq had a THIRD election in less than a year?
A FREE election where there were actually candidates.
Come on guys?
What was all that about democracy and freedom you espoused or were those words only for people like you? Weren't the Iraqis good enough to deserve a better life. I remember in the run up to the war, one of the major whine-points on the left was something like: "Yeah, but WE made Hussein in the 1980's!"
Not to admit anything but if we did create him then it was our responsibility to clean up the mess and it is starting to look like we are doing just that.
Congratulations to all those brave Iraqis who are starting to show the US what it means to responsibly participate in elective government.