The Tiger's Eye: Hey! Its pet peeve time

12 February 2007

Hey! Its pet peeve time

This one is really simple.

The function is named “Spell Check” for a reason.

How hard is it to type your reply on a word processing program such as Word or Works and allow spell check to catch those pesky little typos such as, “Teh” ?

I recently read a comment on a blog that while I did not agree with would have made a bit more sense if the writer had not misspelled “the” at least three times (in addition to a few run-on sentences and a bit of silly liberal/lefty group think about “Teh patriarchy” – OK so maybe she would not have made any more sense but at least she would not have looked so stupid)
Come on people! How hard is it?

Are you in that much of a hurry that you cannot proof your thoughts?