The Tiger's Eye: some random thots on l!fe

19 January 2007

some random thots on l!fe

This is "Wondermark" by David Malki -
A intriguing mix of Victorian graphics with skewed humor. As is often the case though, hidden within humor is a trenchant observation on the current culture. I've often wondered at how our brains work. By that I mean why do we internally decide something was "recent" when in fact it was almost 40 years ago? In my mind the early 1970's was relatively recent and the late 70's were almost yesterday. Perhaps it is the fact that 1979 was a watershed year, graduating from High School and starting Architecture School?
It does seem weird that there are two generations that have come along since then, both of whom have grown up with the Internet and the last of whom will never remember a world without the instant communication of cell phones and Instant Messaging. I wonder how our interpersonal interactions have and will change? I read somewhere recently that we have become a post literate society where people only read "snippets" of information never stopping to think where the facts or values behind those "facts" have come from or where they are headed. It is an often repeated joke that "It must be true I read it on "so & so's" blog".
When Warhol decided that we were all allotted 15 minutes of fame could he have guessed that those 15 minutes might have really come true but would be wasted on MySpace?