The Tiger's Eye: I LOVE big Steel...

25 February 2007

I LOVE big Steel...


OK, perhaps I should explain, I don't mean US Steel or one of the conglomerate steel companies. As an architect, I truly am enamored of large pieces of steel and concrete work.
Structure is cool!
I love old industrial buildings with all sorts of exposed steel structure and I love new buildings where the steel is exposed. There is something visceral about big hunking steel bolted connections and large built-up girder and purlin assemblies that really gets me excited.
Just thought you'd like to know.
BTW - that is one of the main roof support trusses for the new Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy. Those trusses are something like 60' tall and will support the rolling portions of the open roof when completed. The crane that is erecting them has a capacity of 500 tons and the triangular diagonals of the truss when erected each weigh about 200 tons.