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21 May 2006

thought of the day

What is it about the “progressive” left these days? It seems that when ever they cannot find factual rational arguments to use against those they do not AGREE with, they digress to the level of howler monkeys slinging poop at anyone within throwing distance. Is this because they cannot support their thesis with fact or is it because when faced with fact they cannot bear looking at truth. For an example, I submit the latest post on Michelle Malkin’s blog:
As she points out, this is not the first time she has been slandered in an obscene fashion. Ms. Malkin has made a name as a journalist who does not flinch when she reports on issues that are less than popular. Some of what she has said has been controversial but based on fact. Sometimes she is wrong, when erroneous she has corrected inaccuracies or retracted her statements.
Look, if you have a problem with someone’s statements or with their accuracy, write them and point it out in a polite message. Give them the facts necessary for a correction. Referring to her as an “Asian whore” isn’t correcting, it’s lowering oneself to the level of a spoiled 6th grader who recently discovered the shock value of scatology.