The Tiger's Eye: Thought for the day

29 March 2006

Thought for the day

He did not hate us; he did not reject us… He had mercy on us and burdened himself with our faults, and he surrendered his own Son as a ransom for us: the holy one for the ungodly, the innocent one for the wicked, “the just man for the sake of the unjust” (1 Pet 3:18), the incorruptible one for those who are corrupted, the immortal one for those who are mortal. What other than his own justice could have covered over our sins? In whom could we be justified… if not through the only Son of God? Sweet exchange, unfathomable work, unexpected kindness! The crime of a great number of people was covered over by the righteousness of a single person, and the righteousness of one single person justifies many who are guilty. In the past, he convinced our nature of its inability to attain life; now he shows us the Savior who is able to save what could not be saved. In these two ways, he wanted to give us faith in his kindness and to let us see in him the nutrient, the father, the teacher, the counselor, the doctor, understanding, light, honor, glory, strength and life.

Letter of Diogenes (around 200)Ch. 9

I have nothing to add to this.