The Tiger's Eye: A few thoughts for the weekend

28 April 2006

A few thoughts for the weekend

  1. Yes, I have been really busy with work and the thought of posting anything has been unappetising. Most evenings I get home and the thought of typing anything just feels exhausting.
  2. No I will not see the "Da Vinci Code". I didn't read the book either. No interest, no desire.
  3. I DO plan on seeing "Flight 93".
  4. I believe President Bush did NOT lie to the nation about Iraq's WMD program. I also believe the war was fought for essentially the correct reasons and that history will judge us well over this issue.
  5. I am upset that I am paying nearly $3 a gallon for gas but I'm not upset that Exxon is having a record year. I am upset that we haven't done anything constructive to lower the price when we KNEW it would eventually bite us in this way. Heck, Even PRESIDENT CARTER saw this one coming in the 1980's.
  6. I plan on reading Ramesh Ponnuru's book "The Party of Death" as soon as I can purchase a copy. Maybe this weekend.

There, thats enough. I'm going to Louisville this weekend to spend some much anticipated time with my dad. Hopefully the rain will hold off till Sunday.