The Tiger's Eye: Back in the saddle... so to speak

01 May 2006

Back in the saddle... so to speak

The rain held off and a good time was had by all. We spent most of Saturday tramping around the battlefield at Perryville, KY.
Its a really interesting piece of history. The only major battle fought in Kentucky during the Civil War (or as the south referred to it: The war of Northern aggression - that or the War for States Rights, I can never remember which is the term I'm supposed to use when I'm back home). Anyway, the battle was like many of the early war, two armies stumbling around in the neighborhood when one discovers what it thinks is the other's weakness and commences to attack only to discover that they have misjudged the other and then the two proceed to beat on each other till one decides to quit and run off, the other in hot pursuit.
Approximately 18,000 Confederated attacked almost 60,000 Federals with nearly 9000 casualties. The only result being that the Confederate drive to take Louisville was halted and they were sent back to Tennessee.
After Perryville we rambled about the "Holy Land" and landed in Loretto, KY home of Maker's Mark. We stopped by just in time for a tour of the facility. Interesting and well done. I'm going to have to try it again. The last time I had MM I decided it seemed a bit harsh to the palate. I may have to change my mind.