The Tiger's Eye: A bit of sadness

12 May 2006

A bit of sadness

This is Bailey, she is my wife's baby. She sleeps with us (her) and is pretty much spoiled rotten.
She is about 12 years old, we rescued her from the Shelter in a fit of civic responsibility and soft heartedness when she was about a year old.

She was supposed to be our daughter's dog but quickly became Linda's little puddin-pup.

We took her to the vet this afternoon when we thought perhaps she was having some sort of spring allergy; she usually gets them this time of year. Instead he told us that those swollen glands are probably a form of lymphoma. We will be taking her back on Monday for a biopsy but he seemed pretty sure of the outcome. He's an awfully good vet who has seen us through some hard times with our other pets.

Linda cried all the way home.