The Tiger's Eye: What's the frequency Kenneth?

05 December 2005

What's the frequency Kenneth?

I have been participating in a few online discussions regarding Intelligent Design vs. Classic Evolution and have become appalled at the vitriol being slung on all sides by all participants.
These are my thoughts on the subject.
As my former pastor pointed out this afternoon, much of the arguments appear to revolve around either side taking absolutist positions. I prefer to believe as the current view of the church; that God created the universe and during the process it certainly appeared that he used some form of evolution in the design and manufacture of the world we inhabit. This allows for both creation and evolution to exist within the same framework. Intelligent Evolution?

It just appears to me that to say that the entire universe was created in only one way or the other is asinine. Those who are “convinced” that evolution happened all in all simply because of chance appear to be skating on a pond named Faith but refuse to admit it whereas those who want to interpret scripture as a science text are stating their beliefs are wound around a 4000 year old oral tradition by people who did not appear to have any scientific theory. From what I can gather, Christian Scripture wasn’t intended to be the literal story of how the earth began but rather the actual truth behind it. How it started and the process by which it came about are up to us to investigate and unravel.

It would appear rather arbitrary for a God whom we believe and profess to be loving to his creation to form a universe that appears to obey certain specific physical laws only to intentionally disobey those same laws at the start. Sort of like giving someone an infinitely large jigsaw puzzle to solve and neglecting to tell them that the pieces around the edges don’t match those in the center.