The Tiger's Eye: I cannot come up with a caption that,,,

04 April 2009

I cannot come up with a caption that,,,

Isn't profane or disgusting.

There was a time when an American President would stand proud of his nation and let THE OTHER DAMMED LEADER BOW AND SCRAPE!!!

When the homicide bombers start blowing innocent AMERICANS remember that we could have elected a man who understood what evil is and how to combat it. Instead we elected a childish, arrogant, poseur WHO GIVES IPODS AND DVD SETS AS STATE PRESENTS!

As usual I wait till Saturday morning to cruise the web (specifically Big Hollywood and other Conservative sites) and I forget that if you don't keep up you will miss the sunset on our Republic.

Someone please end this misery, I feel like 1978 all over again with a neophyte in the White House, all good-intentiony and ready to "change the world" while the WORLD DOESN'T WANT TO BE CHANGED!

Lets see what outrages can I find? Hmmmm.. Here's Obama "The groveler-in-chief" kissing Saudi A$$, there is our apologist-in-chief grovelling to Euro-trash, there go the Norks ready to launch and lo-&-behold they are holding some "journalists" hostage. Where is Hildy? What about Joe "the gaffmeister" Biden? And where in the world is Rahm "I'm in charge here" Emmanuel?
We have an administration full of tax cheats and the representative branch of government full of tax-n-spend Dem's with spineless Republicans backing them up.

I'm fed up. Would someone please wake me from this nightmare!