The Tiger's Eye: Famous last words...

14 March 2009

Famous last words...

The issue is now clear: it is between light and darkness and everyone must choose his side.
- G.K. Chesterton

I'm always a bit fascinated by "last words". They seem so random and odd yet often they are eerily prescient as above.

Its been a busy few weeks. The project is continuing full ahead.
Once the Dome came down in December, construction started in earnest. If you were to drive past Capital and Maryland Streets in Indianapolis after a few years absence, you would be struck by how odd that part of town appears now. No longer a large comfortable white pillow of a roof with Peyton and Marven's likenesses anchoring it down and looming to the south is the hulk of Lucas Oil Stadium.
We are set for a Feb. '11 opening date which means that barring major economic disaster or some colossal screw up on my part, I have a measure of job security. Recently I told my mother that when I finish this project, I will have spent 4 years of my life on one building. Given that when that date comes I will be celebrating my 12th year with my current employ, it would mean that 1/3 of my time at this office would have been spent on ONE PROJECT. We are moving our studio this week, for the last 30 months or so, we have been isolated on the 4th floor of our building but as of this Friday, we will be joining the Construction Management team in their offices where we will be working for at least another 2 years.
Our office recently revamped our website. Stop by and take a look. (The picture of "People" was taken this past Christmas. I am the partially cut off head 6th from the right at the top - I'm right next to the guy in the polo shirt.)

Oh, if you click on the "expertise" link there, you can see "My baby". Not too many 55' tall glass cubes around.