The Tiger's Eye: I just discovered something about myself

24 February 2008

I just discovered something about myself

I guess I'm not as "White" as I thought after all.

I mean most of the stuff on this blog doesn't pertain to me.
  • I don't drive a Prius.
  • I rarely shop at a Whole Foods, a co-op or at a Farmer's Market and frankly I cannot tell the difference between "Organic" and regular veggies.
  • I HATE Hip Hop and other "ethnic" music. (unless it happens to be good music, then I don't particularly care where it came from).
  • I've never understood Sarah Silverman. Mousy voiced, skanky hoes don't make me laugh.
  • I don't have a useless degree.
  • I've read the New York Times exactly once in my life.
  • Public Radio? You gotta be joking!
  • Sushi = Cat food or fish bait.

Hmmmm....maybe I'm really one of those "wrong kind of white people".