The Tiger's Eye: not sure how I feel

05 February 2008

not sure how I feel

Like a lot of men who grew of age in Indiana, I watched the 76 IU team run the table of the opposition each Thursday night and Saturday afternoon. I was in Architecture School in 81 when Isaiah Thomas and the rest of the 81 team made mincemeat of the NCAA and in 87 I watched him coach the ultimate gym-rat in Steve Alford "socks, pants wipe swish!". For much of my young adulthood Coach Knight was an integral part of my mid-winter routine. You lived in Indiana, you either watched IU or hated them. As he aged the sport seemed to pass him by. We all watched as he appeared to self destruct on a national stage in front of our eyes. By the time he left Bloomington, most were relieved if not happy. Now that he is gone; apparently on his own terms, one gets the feeling that his presence will be missed. Coach was a singular man, they truly broke the mold when he was born.