The Tiger's Eye: Promised earlier and HERE THEY ARE...

27 January 2008

Promised earlier and HERE THEY ARE...


Here is what was underneath - (as I stated before, quite possibly the ugliest vinyl tile EVER paid for and installed in an architect's house)

In case you don't believe me, here it is close up:

Go ahead and click on the image. Feast your eyes on the ugliness of Armstrong's finest cheap sheet goods.

Actually we have been done for a week or so, but work, family issues and general laziness have prevented me from posting till now.

Lest you think me entirely devoid of taste, please understand that for the past 9 years or so we have had Pergo snap-lock floors in the Entry, Kitchen, Living Room, Hall closet and Pantry. This was put down over the vinyl but was never truly satisfactory.
It looked like this:

Pergo never really LOOKS like the wood it is supposed to be mimicking unless you are squinting and looking at it in dim light.

Originally we were supposed to have all of this done over the Christmas Holiday but family illness on the part of my contractor put that off for a week then family illness on the part of the wife postponed again till finally we were able to start the Entry two weeks ago followed by the Kitchen last weekend.

Here are our two intrepid flooring experts; Scotty and Rick hard at work stripping up the vinyl in the kitchen. thats Rick "supervising" while Scott shows him how its done.

And so without further adieu, I give you the Completed product.

The Entry Hall.

The Kitchen

A Corner Detail

We still have a few minor touches such as new knobs for the Kitchen cabinets and hanging some new pictures in the Entry along with repainting the walls in both rooms but essentially we are about halfway done with Phase Two. Phase One was the bathrooms (documented here) and the rest of Phase Two involved carpet in the bedrooms along with rearranging two rooms into a new office and spare bedroom.

We are truly happy with all of the work. The new tiles glow in the sunshine and add a warmth to the decor that has been sadly missing for all these years.
If any reading this are from the Indianapolis area, I will heartily recommend our contractor; Scott Jones. He is a very talented, hard working fellow who gives you a true days work for his wage. If you are interested, email me and I will put you in touch with him.