The Tiger's Eye: It is Lent

19 February 2008

It is Lent

And for another year I am coming to grips with my ongoing lack of sanctity.

Or to say it a different way, It would be a hell of a lot easier to be a Christian if sinning weren't so dammed viscerally satisfying. Actually that's not really correct, its ultimately empty but like eating too many sweets on Halloween it just SEEMS to satisfy at that time. I've often said that my motto ought to be, "Well, it SEEMED like a good idea at the time!"

I had one of those "moments" today when I realized how different I am from my coworkers. I have a fellow at work whom I have known for 32 years. Heck, he is partially the reason I chose architecture to begin with. This guy and I have been off and on friends for most of that time and over the last two years we have worked together on two very important projects. I have a promotion to thank him for but that's another story.
Today he shared something confidentially with me that I would have rather not known and later found myself in the position of having to "shade the truth" to our client in order to protect his "secret". I detest lying and in order to keep a sense of propriety on the project I had to tell a little white lie to our client. Ultimately it will be made known and I will be able to explain myself if asked but for now I am pretty pissed off at him for putting me in this position.

As to how this fits into my Lenten observances; well, I'm not exactly sure? Perhaps I should be more patient with others now that I have had a dose of my own sinfulness in the form of anger and frustration?