The Tiger's Eye: The Obligatory Holiday post

22 November 2007

The Obligatory Holiday post

I think "unwritten blog rule No. 32" says that when ever a Holiday roles around you have to commemorate it with a post. That being said, here is the 2007 Thanksgiving Post.

I am immensely thankful for so much.

I have a lovely wife who's very presence in my life makes me a better man.
Thank you love, without you I would only be me.

I have a wonderful daughter of whom I am incredibly proud.
Thank you, TBB. You keep me young at heart.

I have fantastic parents who after 50 years of marriage still look at each other like it was 1957.
Thank you for the example you share with us.

I work at a job that I love, at a profession that I have been blessed to be talented in with fellow professionals who are among the best in our industry.
Thanks guys, you inspire me to work harder and better every time I go to work.

I have good friends who do the things that friends are supposed to do. When you are down they bring you back up, when you are too full of yourself they pop that balloon and when you are happy they will share in your joy.
Thanks for putting up with my bloviating.

Most of all, I am thankful to a great God who came into this world to save us. Who gave us his mother to love us as only a mother can and who will return in glory to make us whole.