The Tiger's Eye: A few thoughts

28 October 2007

A few thoughts

Before committing myself to slumber land:

  1. I am now fully committed to middle aged actions. I just got out of bed and put a sheet of plastic over my two tomato plants. Heck, it’s nearly NOVEMBER and I still have about 2 dozen green tomatoes on the plants. If I were a younger, “less responsible” adult, I would be asleep and not worrying about fresh ‘maters this time of year. But instead I tugged a drop cloth over them in order to get a few more fresh ones off the plants. Dammit, but I AM NOT going to be beaten by the cold just yet. Who knows, with global warming I might have fresh tomatoes on Thanksgiving!
  2. Being 46 I am now very aware of fiber. My doctor has me looking for ways to add fiber to dammed near everything! I swear that if he could find a way, he would have me adding flaxseed to my bourbon! (Currently Basil Hayden’s 8 yr old, 2 fingers over ice). This leads to last Sunday night when I got the munchies and decided that a bowl of Kashi nut crunch sounded good, so good in fact that I had 3 large bowls (about 1/3 of the box)! Needless to say that the next day was uncomfortable to say the least. I was avoiding open flames all day Monday. You would think that I learned a lesson but tonight that demon fiber called again. (this time only one bowl though).
  3. Our boys have now gone undefeated thru the month of October. Yeah, Go Colts! Next week is the big game. If you haven’t been watching the NFL you still might not have heard it but the two unbeaten teams left in the AFC will square off in Indy with all the bragging rights on the line. To listen to ESPN you would think that there is not any reason what-so-ever to even play the game. According to the in-booth voices last week, the Patriots are already so good that we might as well start voting on the Pro Bowl teams because the Lombardi trophy is headin back to Foxboro. I think Coach Dungy and Peyton might have something to say about that but as coaches innumerable have taught; that’s why we play the game.
  4. Speaking of bourbons, I recently purchased a bottle of Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Bourbon. I’d have to say that this is one fine drink. One review of it says the following: Color: Golden amber, Aroma: Spice, tea, hint of peppermint, Taste: Spicy, peppery, honey, light-bodied, gentle bite, Finish: Dry, clean, brief. I heartily agree.

    Well folks, that’s all for now. It is 11:09 EDT and I am finishing my last few sips as the strains of “Exultate Deo” by Scarlatti ring in my headphones. What a way to finish the weekend.

This link will take you to a very nice rendition of the piece. (sorry but YouTube isn't letting me embed right now for some reason.)