The Tiger's Eye: Its gonna be a blue Monday

04 November 2007

Its gonna be a blue Monday

Oh Lord, but I do hate the New England Patriots.

I need to amend this post. I was down last night and frankly just sickened when the Colts couldn't seem to move the ball enough to ice that game.

I don't "hate" the Patsies but I certainly do hate losing to them. I loathe their miserable excuse of a human being of a coach. Bela-jerk couldn't be more classless if he tried. Earlier today I referred to him as the "Coach Knight of the NFL" and my co-worker promptly corrected me. "Coach Knight NEVER cheated".
Not only were they led by a man with little to respect outside of his ability to win at all costs but they are apparently owned by a sore-winner as well.,52422

What's the matter Kraft? Wasn't winning here enough for you?