The Tiger's Eye: Whatcha been dooin Willis?...

20 October 2007

Whatcha been dooin Willis?...

All weekend we are repainting the bathrooms. The very same bathrooms that we refloored with a really cool terracotta porcelain tile and added new shower/tub and sink fixtures and new countertops and a new tub and three piece surround in our bedroom bath and added new light fixtures with new ceiling fans...
I'm tired and I'm going to bed. More of the same tomorrow.

Before and after pictures to follow when we are finished.

Bathroom No 1 nearly done with only minor details to finish. I hope to have pix this weekend.
Work is proceeding slowly due to lack of energy after a long day in the workplace.

I know you are all waiting with baited breath for the pictures. Well, last night's festivities (see the post above on Halloween parties) made any sort of work academic today.
Let's just say that the idea of doing anything other that lazing around and doing nothing just wasnt going to happen. As they said in the movie, tomorrow is another day.