The Tiger's Eye: sumpthin really annoyin...

11 October 2007

sumpthin really annoyin...

OK, this is going to sound a bit petty but here goes.

My local service provider/email carrier recently upgraded to a new "beta" email server and included as part of the service upgrade is...

You guessed it!


For the last 6 months, my daily home email account has featured a panel to the left of the screen which you can minimize but not turn off. From September on, they have featured an add for a Halloween costume company that almost always pops up this add.

For some reason I am having a real hard time with the picture.

I cannot tell if its the direct eye contact or what but the picture really disturbs me! It pops up and I have to minimise it or else I forget what I am doing and wonder what it is that is bothering me.

(Update) You know, perhaps it IS the direct eye contact. This photo seems waaaay too old for a child. Is it me or is there is something slightly "soft-porn" about the pose and the body language?

I can't wait for Halloween to be over so I can get back to ignoring the usual adds they post.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.