The Tiger's Eye: A bit more southern hospitality and cuisine

07 June 2007

A bit more southern hospitality and cuisine

Its the kind of place that doesn't usually garner the kinds of reviews it does. They serve southern "comfort" food. The owner is the hostess (at least at lunch) and is usually running from one table to the next "just checkin" on how your pork chops or fried chicken or meatloaf sandwich is. Yes, its that kind of comfort food, the kind that you don't eat if you are watching your waistline, the kind that the low country seems to specialize in. We have visited Charleston 6 times in 8 years. We found Jestine's the first time by word of mouth from a local. We have been back every visit for lunch. I can heartily recommend the pork chops, the fried chicken and the shrimp creole. Linda says the meatloaf is awesome.

And afterwards you must have dessert. This year we split that southern delicacy, "nanner puddin" (Banana pudding). I am not partial to bananas but this was pretty good. If I lived here I would probably grow fond of them and perhaps even that other southern speciality, sweet tea.