The Tiger's Eye: --Sidebar--

25 May 2007


This is a response to a comment made by James in a previous posting.

You know James I could choose to be offended by your offhand drive-by attack but instead I thought I would attempt a different tack.

Over the span of a number of comments you seem to have latched onto a meme that I am filled with hate.
What a difference one’s view on the world makes.
As you have convinced yourself that I am some kind of fire spewing , short panted, mismatched socks type of street evangelist who “hates them queers!”, I can only respond by stating that I don’t see myself that way.

You see the one thing that most of my friends would certainly not characterize me as is “hate filled”.
I will admit that while I am a sinner and certainly in need of Jesus’ salvific grace but I am not filled with hate.

What is most intriguing to me is that a person such as yourself, a man who would be utterly offended if he suspected that I were characterizing him as simply part of a group, some sort of straw man simply set up to conveniently knock down at my whim would do the same of me.

You have never met me.

Our entire conversation has been a series of short terse sentences over the net usually on Rob’s website and now on mine when I choose to respond. This is a pretty poor excuse for real conversation.
I am sure if we took the time to meet over coffee or drinks we could find some sort of common ground. Granted you and I differ vastly on any number of topics but I pride myself in having a truly eclectic group of acquaintances all of whom find me a pretty nice guy who genuinely cares for their well being.

To that end I propose a solution.

If you are ever in Indianapolis and wish to meet for coffee at a neutral Starbucks or some other venue, I will buy the first round. Just post a comment here or pop me an email on my Hotmail address and I will respond.
I don't really believe that hate is very useful. It consumes one like a fire and once all the available fuel is spent it moves on to destroy others.

I'm pretty easy to find and get along with, Just ask Rob.