The Tiger's Eye: What WAS listed as "take your pick"

19 May 2007

What WAS listed as "take your pick"

I had a much longer post that I was working on but the more I typed the less I liked what I wrote. Then I read Al at Cold Fury (caution there is profanity contained within) "...Most modern Greens are simply collectivists, or trendy dirt worshiping idiots. The fact that humans evolved eyes on the front of their faces and teeth that are both grind-y and sharp (making us predatory omnivores) is horrifying to them. The fact that the Earth is something generally beyond our control, is also horrifying to them; witness the nightmare they suffer if you mention that maybe global warming, er, GLOBAL WARMING (!) may not be anthropogenic, and even if it is, perhaps current temperatures are not ideal. In short, Being Green in the popular sense of the term is a half-baked secular religion that serves in place of a belief in God, or failing that in place of a viable Los Angeles football franchise. " -

I like his stereotyping but I also have been heard to mutter, "tree hugging, Gaia worshipping, simpletons" when discussing the greens.
I'm not sure which is more discriptive.
Have at it.

More of what I'm talkin 'bout


Now even 15 year old High School students are getting in on the act. Talk about piling on!

Her conclusion:
"...It’s easy to see why Al gore’s movie should not be shown in schools. An Inconvenient Truth is a political commercial that misrepresents a whole area of science. He admittedly uses scare tactics to get people to listen then shows them a professional slide show that blames every thing bad on so called man made global warming..."