The Tiger's Eye: Empathy for the birds (or subtitled The Tiger's BLACK eye)

26 May 2007

Empathy for the birds (or subtitled The Tiger's BLACK eye)

You know that commercial for Window cleaner with the two birds who trick the guy into walking into the glass door? You know how you think, " Oh man THAT would hurt!" when he walks into the glass?

Well, it really DOES HURT!

It feels like a glass baseball bat hitting you in the forehead.

I walked into an all glass door at the Aveda School at Castleton Mall just like on that commercial.

I give you exhibit "A" taken at the emergency room at St. Vincent's Hospital by my loving daughter who was saying, "Dad, that really looks like it hurts!"
It's about an inch long although it has a little curve in it that should make a really cool scar.
BTW - those stories about head wounds bleeding like nothing else. They're all true. In about 30 seconds there was blood all over my face, my hands, my shirt, my shorts, my SHOES! and the floor. Needless to say that the folks there were pretty freaked out. Fortunately there was an operating room nurse and a cardiologist standing each side of me who caught me and went into emergency mode immediately. They probably saved me from passing out and really hurting myself. I wish I got their names so I could say thanks. Thanks Guys, you did a marvelous job of prepping me for the emergency room. The Aveda people were pretty good too considering that a middle aged guy was bleeding all over their school foyer.

( I look all constipated because it really did hurt and my feet were higher than my head (first aid training) and I was swelling.)

Here is the wound all stitched up

I'm guessing I will get a black eye by tomorrow at the race. Stitches come out the day we leave for vacation.

5 days and counting!