The Tiger's Eye: I just don't get it...

29 April 2007

I just don't get it...

OK, I am puzzled.

If the congress authorized Gen. Petraeus to be the next commander in the field in Iraq knowing his strategy was going to be the "surge" and if by all military accounts the surge appears to be working.
If there is a consensus opinion that the combined forces of the "insurgency" could not in a million years defeat our military and that while they can kill a few soldiers with snipers and IED's here and there they cannot muster a force to challenge militarily us in ANY location in Iraq or Afghanistan.
If it is acknowledged that the primary force against us in Iraq and Afghanistan are Al Qaeda and bits of the remainder of the Taliban and that there is little "local" support for either especially when it comes to suicide missions.
If both the Iraqi and Afghan people want us to stay long enough to help them become capable of self sustaining their respective countries.
Why does Senator Reid say we have "lost" the war?
How has it been lost?
Who is preparing to kick us out of Iraq or Afghanistan?
If we have lost someone has to win; who will that be?