The Tiger's Eye: The clock is tick-k-k-k-king....

04 January 2007

The clock is tick-k-k-k-king....

Feb. 8th. 'nuff said.

BTW - After much thought between here and work last night. I decided to leave Ho'Dean out of this year's predictions (sorry Rob but he really bores me) however in deference to Rob I will say that under "lighter stuff":

11. Paris Hilton will become a born-again Christian and devote her millions of inherited cash to helping the poor in Haiti...Nah, she will continue to do stupid trashy stuff in public to get attention from the paparazzi.

12. Tom Cruise; seeing the error of his ways and due to the prayers of wife Katie's parents (whom People magazine tells us are "devout Catholics") will revert back to the faith of his upbringing. Actually this one isn't as far fetched as it may seem although I have no idea how devout her parents really are. In this day and age, attending church more than once or twice per year constitutes extreme piety in the eyes of the "cultural press".