The Tiger's Eye: Really, really small

12 February 2006

Really, really small

Something about this photo makes me feel very small. I feel like if I stare hard enough at the small galaxies I can imagine a guy like me looking at a picture of our galaxy thinking the same thing. “I wonder if…?”
Time for some other questions:

Do you suppose Jesus told really good jokes when he and the disciples were wandering the countryside? I’ve always wondered.

What is the defining characteristic of something when it isn’t acting as is should?

Even when we know it is deadly to our souls, why is sinful behavior so much fun?

Why hasn’t the end of time happened already? Is there something that must happen for God to say, “That’s it, time to close up shop and pay the piper.”

Why is it so easy to fall in love with the creation and ignore the Creator?

Is the hallmark trait of this culture cynicism?

Will the future of this culture be written in a language we would understand?

Is it better to fight for the right to practice a religion freely and unfettered but unappreciated or is it better to allow the law of man to go against God and have believers follow and value a faith worth being jailed or killed for practicing?